August 23

Was Simon A Saint When The First Home Was Built There?


Suppose you were young child learning to ride a bicycle. Once a bicycle is in the hands of a novice that person is keenly alert and their acuity is at the highest possible level looking for an detecting the shades of difference in the roadway or pathway where they are to ride. The novice bicycle rider notices a slight rise or dip in the path a casual observer would certainly miss.  It becomes increasingly hard even as the novice mounts the machine for the first time. I wonder if it were not the same scenario for the first inhabitants of St. Simons Island? There was no bridge nor roads leading in. There was no comfortable ferry to bring your car over period. There was simply whatever makeshift boat of the century when homes first started being considered there to get materials across and begin to build in the elements with no hotel to go home to at the end of a long day of building new construction.

What else is there to say! Biggest Bull Red run in decades come through this season. Tons and tons of bulls of the pier, beaches, bars, and jetties. This was the collection of bulls over the course of 3 days. Also a few big rays and shark pickups/drops in there for good measure. Thanks for watching!


No one in the morning says “Have a great day at work dear.” and no one at night said sleep well. Workers simply found a place to camp and build a fire and that was it. Try to sleep for the night without getting bitten by too many mosquitoes. Finally when enough homes were built likely they were able to stay in them at least in the partially completed ones until the owners showed up. Maybe some of those hearty souls we’re actually building their own house to live in on St. Simons Island Georgia. Now Real estate a-plenty in St. Simons Island is easy to acquire but one should be aware that not all deals and real estate are created equal. That’s right. You may find yourself getting a less than optimal deal if you’re not careful. This is a time when it is prudent to consider hiring a local knowledgeable – expert Real estate agent.

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