March 1

Upscale Homes Gardens Of South Florida


Palm Beach Gardens: upscale homes populate the south Atlantic coastal regions of Florida but Mirasol has homes that meet the description perhaps better than almost any other at prices that don’t soar as high as Palm Beach houses might but feature very comfortable living in custom homes.

Mirasol homes near Palm Beach

Further north, Vero Beach real estate is offered at even lower prices. It’s among the most undervalued real estate in the US according to a 2000s Forbes article. Prices can be seen at

See Real Estate SEO in old school view.

Meanwhile, Putin invades The Ukraine? It looks like the Russian military has taken over Crimea. Even civilian pilots say they can no longer land there because it has become restricted to military only.

Call it a fluid situation but nobody is less fluid than the US in these recent events. No response, no action. Just a bit of rhetoric from the president to shut the people up as quickly as possible. He has more fexibility in a 6 X 6 foot space politically speaking.

Economic sanctions? Try it. Putin is really scared (not). Looks like the story in Syria and a growing list of other places is simply repeating here. Russia is calling all the shots.

The Israelis rightfully question whether the American government is a reliable ally any more. Our response to everything is simply joining in politically correct criticism that does nothing. With this approach of land for peace you get neither.

Great work Chuck Hagel. You decrease while Russia increases.

When you’ve had enough, you could escape for a little whilte to a waikiki condo vacation rental.

Rains hit California this week and Southern CA really needed them. Now we’re looking next for a lot better growth and assured business for Murrieta gardeners and service for Temecula lawns¬†and similar regions throughout the dry SoCal communities. Maybe a few more storms like these will avert water rationing in the summer.


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