April 19

Suburban Surprise


For two and a half hours I drove past open fields with Texas bluebonnets, cow pastures and an endless procession of antique shops all seeming to sell about the same thing. Then, finally the scenery began to change- not that much but I could tell I was getting somewhere other than just the next village surrounded by farmland. I knew I had to be getting close to The Woodlands Texas but I have to admit I was a bit taken aback and surprised to see a large sign that said I was actually inside the community now. Being from a large metro area, I was looking for more of a marked transition from rural countryside to planed community with clear demarcations and intermediate transition to a suburban environment. That’s not the strategy in the Woodlands community. It’s as if the idea is to help you forget that you’re actually somewhat close to Houston to give you a sense of being out in the country without the large open fields and farmlands.

When someone decides they are going to buy real estate in The Woodlands Texas, it’s probably easy to gain some preconceptions based on experience and limited visual information even in this information age. The reality is quite different and surprisingly positive. Aside from the feeling of spaciousness everywhere with more greenways then many communities that post about open-space and natural preserves, the values are amazing. Texas land-use known for its generosity and ample supply doesn’t disappoint here either. Even the largest, most expensive waterfront homes that usually get associated with prices over $10 million in many metropolitan areas are still coming in at 4 million dollars or even less. Many homes that cost well over $1 million in many markets are closer to six or $700,000 here.

You’ll get a better idea by visiting a real estate website and having a conversation with a Woodlands Realtor so go ahead and hit the link and check out The Woodlands homes.

The Woodlands real estate sales

Once you contact this realtor, you can be sure that you will find houses that meet both your budget and your specific criteria and you can also rest assured she won’t try to oversell you what you don’t want or need.

Discover The Woodlands with your friendly Texas RealtorĀ®, Sara Duckett.
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