April 17

Picking Up the Real Estate Pace


The recession has been over for a while and though recovery seems to travel at different speeds across North America, most markets favor the seller and kill the buyer who doesn’t have cash in pocket to drop on a house. Admirals Cove in Florida for example. I dare you to try to buy a house there. Without the right real estate agent by your side you will drown in the money you bleed out. Without the right realtor in your corner, you’ll be fighting against some of the most cutthroat businesspeople in the US to find a home. Buying a home in Admirals Cove means being a ninja of paperwork and a guru of negotiation – or maybe the other way around. If you’re looking for the holy grail of all real estate in some place crazy like Jupiter Island Condos then take a look at Jeff to find out how he sold $55 million in 18 months. You think you could compete with him in the real estate game? Good luck.

Admirals cove real estate is a catch

Some markets like Palm Beach Florida are clearly marked as war zones but it is surprising how many housing markets in Calgary Canada are also tremendously competitive. For example, some Airdrie real estate is becoming a hot commodity in the Canada. As the city keeps expanding, the surrounding neighborhoods are becoming more and more expensive and more difficult to navigate as real estate ventures. Meanwhile older communities like Connaught in Calgary are steady areas that may change as time passes but never really grow in the same way some downtown property seems to perpetually balloon. Keeping up with Connaught home sales is as simple as visiting an honest real estate agency like Kore Real Estate.

At the end of the day its best not to get left behind. Find yourself an expert in real estate SEO if you want to be the king of the real estate hillĀ 


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