May 29

Your Mind Turns to Stone When You Have To Analyze Buying a House


Sometimes, when you have to deduce meaning from pure analysis and logic the waters of decision making become impossibly muddied. The process kills hope of a best outcome.

Malcolm Gladwell points out in his book,¬†Blink, that the ability to pick someone out in a police lineup is substantially impaired if they are first required to describe the person’s face. In another test a hypothetical situation is presented where a pyramid shaped object is inverted and balance on its point with a hundred dollar bill wedged underneath. Again, if people are required to first write down their thinking processes, their ability to solve the problem was reduced by a measurable 30% in terms of coming up with ideas and strategies.

Perhaps the same thing is true when someone is trying to buy a house, especially in a place where they are not familiar with the communities and real estate available. Let’s say that someone once to search for homes for sale in the Woodlands, TX. Typically, they will go to a syndication website and start looking at houses online. There is a never-ending supply of them. They look at house after house and the decision becomes impossible as they compare metrics like a square footage, cost per square foot, lot size, bedrooms etc.

 Finding a home in the Woodlands TX
How do you begin a new home search in the Woodlands TX?

It’s enough to make one want to run run away as the song goes, from the whole process of trying to choose a house to move into sight unseen. Perhaps the local real estate agent is the best course from start to finish in buying a house after all.


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