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Housing Authority


 Albuquerque housing representative
What is the Albuquerque Housing Authority? It is the Housing Authority designated by HUD. It is established by HUD funding for the city of Albuquerque. This program provides affordable housing opportunities as well as housing choice vouchers. those are vouchers that low income families get that they can use in any private apartment to subsidize their rent. Currently, as of spring 2014, the program is not accepting new applications. There are over 5800 people on the waiting list for section 8 choice housing vouchers. This translates to a three and sometimes four year wait. This is very unfair for people who need housing and are looking for right now. A few exceptions to this include involuntary displacement due to fire or domestic abuse. There is also a veterans assisted housing program administered in conjunction with the VA.

This waiting list closure has been in effect since December 5, 2013. This unfortunate situation is exacerbated by the fact that although there are 5800 people on the waiting list there are 10 times that many people qualified for the program in the Albuquerque area.

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Once the waiting list opens again, it is claimed that the list of people waiting will be shorter. Part of the process of attrition to shorten the list is the fact that the AHA will now require the current applicants to complete forms and declare their intent to continue to receive consideration for the program. Those who do not will be removed from the list.

The logic behind the suspension of the program is that people deserve a fair and timely weight. What seems to escape logic is that whether or not they are maintained on the list, everyone who wants this benefit and cannot receive it is waiting whether it’s officially recognized as a wait or not. This is really a primarily artificial contrivance. I had to wonder how many people missed the April 14 deadline? The city is actually spending money on this attrition program to mail and receive forms and process them. Anyone who misses the April 14 deadline was remove the list and if they want to access the program again, they had to reapply and be placed at the end of the list of applicants.

Those fortunate enough to afford better Albuquerque real estate choices can simply obtain the service of an Albuquerque Realtor®.  I realtor with experience and knowledge of the market will know of best opportunities for low income housing seekers. Sometimes buying a home is far and away the best option even for a low income person. Home ownership in Albuquerque is very affordable compared to many other markets in the United States.


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