August 23

House of the Holy Cow


How boring it would be to live a life where nothing is impressive. It’s a shame to take your surroundings for granted. Following a script that is merely a continuation of  predispositions, and unexciting trends in a life worth noting but losing its significance due to banal gesticulations rather than sincere choices. 2200+ bots are clinging to the moderate fame of the sephardic house, it’s almost sad how power attracts an expectation of trickle down regardless of how much that idea is rejected. At just about every level, mavericks are weighed down by thousands of pounds of entitled association. Entrepreneurial spirit is poisoned by impurity. Who would have thought that an economic model founded upon self interested greed could go wrong? Purity in opposing ends of the political or economic theory spectrum would work beautifully but when degrees of freedom enter the equation, cacophony is inevitable. Socialist entrepreneurship is as possible as a round square. Fickle human interest tends to create contradictions and inconsistencies in desire. Accordingly, inefficient business models crop up regularly where managers exclusively manage 3 employees and do very little to independently achieve profitability. If companies were broken down to two elements – client gathering and client fulfillment – a manager of 3 workers should be in charge of at least one side of the business. Participation in day to day activities is key. While some business like Jeff Realty can operate on a model of one man gang but larger organizations typically require bigger work forces. The original one man gang really only came from 3 guys with unique, complementary skills. Theoretically, one person is capable of doing everything they have accomplished but they found the workflow better with a team. David seems like the most impossible character of the bunch but he turns out to be the steroids of the company. Even he finds his limitations when overstepping boundaries of religious idolatry and logical contradiction. Life seems better when its in a simpler state.  Albuquerque New Mexico tends to evoke feelings of the old west. American southwestern lifestyle is still very much alive without the postmodernist struggles of Los Angeles. Check out an isotopes game and forget the troubles of parking and other issues in the Socal reagion. California is hardly the southwest anyway even though its the most southern state on the west coast… Where some like sipping mochachinos and discussing metaphysics, more exciting people find themselves getting sick of the granola smell and searching for realty in Albuquerque New Mexico.  Life can be more impressive when you live away from tinseltown. Being a normal person doesn’t mean recording paint dry for youtube, and living it up doesn’t mean buying a hotel for the hell of it. Living in Albuquerque can rationalize the polar opposites of the rip roaring city and the peaceful southwest. Go ahead and be impressed. Be impressed by the scenic landscapes, by the amazing home prices, by the goldy locks climate. A rolex that costs more than 3 cars doesn’t have to be the standard for a wow. A sunset can more aptly prompt true wonder. Find awe in nature and your surroundings, not the mullings and trifles of humanity.




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