March 1

He wrote works again and again


Not just pages but up to 10,000 words he would write again from scratch. Obsessive. Destructive behavior. Whatever it was he was doing, he was capable of being completely obsessed. Did Newton have Aspergers Syndrome? His status as a scientist has reigned as supreme for half a millennium. 

He worked obsessively. He wrote works no one else reads. He had an enormous capacity to hyper focus. He would persist with a question until he came up with an answer. The key is poor social relationships. A piercing gaze. Problems reading body language and interpreting behavior.

Geniuses with Aspergers. Win the Nobel prize? Fine, as long as the objective is not interrupted and the tunnel vision is unbroken.

Did Darwin and Einstein also have components of Aspergers? 

Newton never married. He probably could have cared less. 

He didn’t have a beach house. No Vero Beach estate or real property for him. Just work.

Also, Newton did not care about Waikiki Condominiums renting for any price. 

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