August 4

Great Power and Great Opportunity


Discovering great power is like hitting the lottery. The difference is that lottery money tends to blow with the wind while great power becomes more focused. Clark Kent will never really want for money. If Spiderman were better at marketing he wouldn’t hurt for cash either. Super heroes that start super rich are sometimes the more interesting ones like Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark because they don’t understand the power of either of their advantages. Recognizing advantages is a great power in itself. Most advantages go squandered. Consider the simple advantage of ingenuity. The ability to creatively problem solve and invent solutions is infinitely useful but it is NEVER taught in school. Ingenuity can’t be measured in a standardized test using bubbles so its neither encouraged or valued. Meanwhile, many super heroes have marginally useful skills and an abundance of ingenuity. Beast in X Men for example is just an animal but his superhuman IQ makes him a valuable asset to the team. Recognizing the power of marketing is one of the advantages that most small business overlook. More importantly they overlook the power of the internet in their marketing mix. Ranking on the first page of Google, specifically in the top 3 means thousands of monthly view by an audience already looking for a specific target. Billboards certainly reach more eyes but who is particularly interested in a real estate engine while the kids are crying in the back of the car, dinner needs to be made and you’re late getting home? Meanwhile, when someone searches for homes up for sale in Jupiter Farms Florida¬†they are certainly hoping to find houses they can move to and need a real estate agent to help. That sort of pre-filtered marketing audience is much more likely to do business with an approachable with a solid web presence that has already delivered them some value. That’s where the real magic comes in. An SEO’s goal is to put someone at the top of search but if that site doesn’t produce anything of use by being the first result in Google, then all that link juice is wasted. The real SEO is just a disguise. Ranking a site becomes the pitch point but their task is so much bigger than that. Creating a marketable message so that a site has both visibility and conversion optimization becomes the true task. An SEO is really just a talented fool while a Search Engine Marketer is a skilled strategist. It like the difference between a inventor and an industrialist. While the inventor may make some awesome gadgets, the industrialist capitalizes on an idea and builds an empire from it.

So in an ultra-competitive arena like Orange County small business owners must choose between the scrappy SEO and the best OC search engine marketer.


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